1. Registration Fees Details


Live/In-person registration

Virtual registration


(by October 20th)


CAAI member

2,300 CNY

2,700 CNY

1300 CNY

Non CAAI member

2,500 CNY

3,000 CNY

1500 CNY


2,000 CNY

2,500 CNY

1000 CNY

(1) For CAAI member registration, CAAI member ID is required. Please send your e-ID or ID number to fuli@cqut.edu.cn after making the payment.

(2) For student registration, Student ID is required. Please prepare scanned copy of student ID or other proofs and e-mail to fuli@cqut.edu.cn after making the payment.


2. Registration Information

Account Name:中国人工智能学会

Bank Name:中国工商银行北京新街口支行

Bank Account:0200002909200166203

Transfer Remak (with paper):ACAIT+会议稿件编号+姓名+单位

Transfer Remak (without paper):ACAIT+姓名+单位


3. Registration Policy

1. All the registrations give access to all sessions, events, workshops and tutorials during the conference days.

2. All the registrations include coffee-breaks, light breakfasts, lunches, dinner and Internet Wi-Fi.

3. Even if you will attend a workshop/tutorial only, you need to register to the main conference.

4. Each accepted papers MUST be registered at least as one live/in-person registration, and the author has to prepare a PPT within 10 minutes.

5. If the speaker fails to appear for the presentation, all the rights covered by the registration will be jeopardized, including the right to receive a copy of the proceedings. ACAIT 2021 also reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from electronic archive of past ACAIT 2021 proceedings) if the paper is not presented at the conference.

6. If your conference paper is selected to publish in the journals, the extra article processing charge is needed.